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The  cold is always accompanied by a cough. But if we consider that a cough is not a disease, it is  an organism's reaction for protecting  the respiratory tract, so  it should not be suppressed, we should help to realized  its natural function.Viscous  sputum and bronchial obstruction prevent  the release of airways.  Prospan®  makes the sputum less dense, and also makes  effort to  remove it and eliminate obstacles in its path - spasms of the bronchial tree.

Prospan® * is the original standardized dry ivy leaf extract EA 575® for the complex treatment of any type of cough in adults and in children with proven and fast effects. Prospan® has a bronchodilator, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antitussive action. As mentioned above, Prospan® contributes to the dilution of mucus, its active removal from the respiratory tract and, most importantly, the removal of bronchial muscle spasm. The advantages of Prospana® also include the possibility of use for children from 2 years old and adults, as well as the pleasant taste and variety of dosage forms: syrup, drops.

Cough? Bronchitis?

Prospan® - the whole force of nature against cough.


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