Kindinorm is used for functional disorders of the nervous system, accompanied by increased nervous excitability (neurasthenia). Neurasthenia in children most often occurs due to conflicts with parents who make excessive demands and express constant dissatisfaction with the child’s achievements. When a baby experiences severe overloads, mental and physical, and realizes that it is still incapable of the results that are expected of him, in his nervous system sooner or later it fails. Most often this is manifested in the form of hot-tempered nature, excessive excitability. Often it all starts with the innocent manipulation of the baby. He wants something, but parents do not allow. A number of symptoms are added to capriciousness, which can increase if you do not start treatment. The most typical manifestations are: a feeling of irritation out of the blue, without any reason or cause. Inability to concentrate, it is difficult for a child to sit still, to focus attention on one for a few minutes. When setting and solving intellectual problems, rapid physical fatigue occurs.

There is a malaise caused by various unpleasant sensations: the child may have a stomachache without any reason for it, tingle of the heart and another. There may also be lethargy and fatigue, insomnia, weak, overly sensitive sleep. The child often wakes up in the middle of the night. Blood pressure is characterized by instability, it rises, then suddenly. There may be headaches (like migraine), there is a tremor of the fingers and hands. Sweating increases: sweaty feet and palms. There is uncontrolled urination. The patient often speaks confusedly, swallows words, sometimes speech becomes inarticulate. Kindinorm has a natural composition, is not a psychotropic agent (neuroleptics, sedatives), and therefore does not have their own side effects. The active ingredients of Kindinorm effectively reduce the typical symptoms, such as impaired concentration, irritability, restlessness, learning difficulties, sleep disturbance and general weakness. Also, the drug has a soothing and stabilizing effect on the patient’s mental state, contributes to the correction of hyperactivity syndrome