Isla Moos / Isla Mint

Hoarseness  and even loss of voice are conditions that everybody can face. Everyone needs a voice! But how can we  return it quickly in this case?

Isla – lozenges are based on Iceland moss extract for quick  symptoms relief of inflammatory diseases of the vocal cords,they help to moisten and restore the mucous membrane of the throat.
Isla has a protective (envelop and moisturize the mucous membrane), antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Due to the listed properties, Isla lozenges envelop and moisturize the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract ; relieve inflammation; eliminate dryness, tingling and burning; help to restore hoarse or lost voice.

Isla  can`t injure the mucous membranes of gums and palate . Isla is approved for  adults and children from 6 years  and is indicated for laryngitis, hoarseness and people whose profession is associated with increased voice load or work in adverse climatic conditions (cold, heat, dust, etc.). Isla also helps to relieve a dry, irritating cough, including allergic one.

Isla – for hoarseness and dry, irritating cough! Isla lozenges can`t injure the mucous of the gums and palate. Isla is approved for  adults and children from 6 years.