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Dormikind - is used for anxiety and sleep disorders in children. Dormikind is specifically designed to correct sleep disorders in infants and young children. Dormikind is used in children over 3 months old.

Sleep is an important component of health, and it is especially important for children. In a dream, the crumbs grow, rest and accumulate energy to explore the world. The duration and quality of sleep depends on the age, well-being and emotional state of the child. According to statistics, sleep disorders in babies are a problem for many parents. If the crumb doesn’t fall asleep for a long time, it sleeps restlessly during the day, often wakes up at night, then Dormikind can help to cope with this situation.

Dormikind - the original complex German drug, which, thanks to its carefully selected composition, gently helps kids to return to normal sleep patterns, helps eliminate excessive irritability and anxiety, restores sleep structure.

It is important that Dormikind consists of natural ingredients, is not a hypnotic or a sedative, and therefore does not cause lethargy and drowsiness.

Dormikind is approved for use by babies from 3 months to 6 years. For children of younger age groups, Dormikind tablets are recommended to be dissolved in a teaspoon of water before use.


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