For loving parents, the appearance of the first tooth in the crumbs is always a holiday. The term for the appearance of the first teeth may be completely different. Some babies may have an early eruption starting at 3 months, others may, on the contrary, be late, closer to 1 year. On average eruption begins at the age of 4–7 months. The most important signs of a close encounter with the first teeth are increased salivation, swelling and itching of the gums of the baby. It is during this period that the babies become especially capricious and require increased attention. teething can complicate poor sleep, refusal to eat, fever, diarrhea (due to increased salivation). So how can you help your little one to meet the first teeth with joy?

Dentokind is an original German complex preparation, which is specially created specifically to facilitate the process of teething. The advantage of this drug is that it acts systemically and is able to help eliminate almost all the symptoms of eruption, such as sore gums, excessive salivation, itching, swelling, inflammation and pain that goes to the ears, diarrhea, fever, intestinal colic” . Complex action favorably distinguishes Dentokind from gels and ointments, which act only locally (on the gum) and are quickly washed away with saliva when swallowed. For babies older than 4 months, a Dentokind tablet is recommended to be dissolved in a teaspoon of water before use. “