Cystinol acut

Unfortunately,  woman is immune from cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder. Painful burning sensation during urination, abdominal cramps, constant urination are symptoms that indicate that the inflammatory process in the bladder is in full swing.

For the treatment of cystitis, it is important to choose a drug that, on the one hand, will effectively act on pathogens and symptoms, and on the other, its administration will not entail those undesirable consequences that are characteristic of antibiotics. German herbal medicine – Cystinol Acut can  help to solve this dilemma.

Cystinol Acut * is an effective German herbal medicine for the treatment of inflammation of the bladder (cystitis). The main component of Cystinol Acut is a standardized extract of the leaves of bearberry. The  bearberry is more commonly known as bear ears. In folk medicine, it has long been the opinion that there is no such disease of the urinary organs that could not be treated with this plant.

Today, thanks to the desire for a high unchanged quality, with the help of the new technologies and scientific developments, the German company Schaper & Brummer presented a new life to this time-tested tool by creating a high-quality and effective drug for the treatment of cystitis – Cystinol Acut.

Cystinol Acut contains a standardized extract from the leaves of bearberry, which provides a predictable and optimal antibacterial effect both in the latitude of the spectrum and in the strength of the effect on various pathogens.

Cystinol Acut contains a standardized extract of the leaves of bearberry, which, thanks to its natural antibacterial and antiseptic actions, helps to relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, alleviates the main symptoms of the disease (pain, burning) and promote fast recovery from cystitis.

In addition, Cystinol Acute does not require brewing or other special conditions for use, such as, for example, when using dried bearberry leaves.

With cystitis – cystinol AKUT!